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Our Story

We are here to deliver a future where access to financial products are seamless and unhindered. We are Africa's foremost All-In-One digital platform.

Driven by technology, Mymanilla fosters
financial literacy and inclusiveness while
easing the access to financial products.

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No queues, no standing; just clicks.

Conventional Financial Institutions have you standing on queues; Not us. Opening an account is just a few clicks away. No queues, no stress, Just clicks.

Saving can be tedious; we make it easy

Set up your automated savings schedule and we'll do the rest. Its easy, you set up the amount and frequency [daily, weekly or monthly] and we do the rest.

Think setting up a MyManilla account is easy? Try accessing our loans

Your dreams are not too big. Finance that big idea with a quick low interest loan from Mymanilla.

We're never far away; we are always
by your side

We are committed to serving you that is why listening to you is top priority. You can reach us via DM on all social media platforms, via email and you can call us.

Managing a cooperative doesn't have to be stressful, let us help

Sleep easy knowing that your money is safe in our automated cooperative platform. Everything properly organized and managed in one place.

The money is yours; we only show you
where to invest

We understand how investment work and we'll expose you to multiple low-risk investment options. You just have to decide where to invest.

Regardless of what you earn, there's a pension plan

You don't have to be a high earner to secure a comfortable retirement. With our Micro pension schemes, you can run a program in line with what you earn.

Finance and much more...

Ease of Use

Life is easy, why complicate it? Stressful is no fun, less is more.

Financial Security

Everything about you is safe with us; not just your money

All-In-One Solution

With us, there will be no need to hop on multiple platforms anymore. Every financial product under one screen

Financial Literacy

We would help you gain more knowledge about your finances, because if you know more, you will do more and if you do more; you will BE MORE!

You're a few clicks away from the future; get the MyManilla app

With us, you are never left alone. Everyone has a voice and we have room for everyone